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Planted to a steep north facing slope, under the shades of an ancient sawmill, very near the estuaries Mersey and Don, the measured yields of an elite little vineyard are hand picked for vinification by the illustrious Josef Chromy wineworks at Relbia. Highly specialised with the effusive sparkling styles and aromatic whites, winners Winestate Alternative Varietal of Year, the barriques of Barringwood are percolating parcels of Pinot Noir, which are setting a benchmark for the artisanal boutique estates of Devonport and greater Launceston. Barringwood are grown within a unique mesoclime, the longest growing season in Tasmania, each bottle is remarkable for its expression and articulation of a truly opportune site. There are only a few productive hectares at Barringwood, highly prized & passionately husbanded, a closely cosseted nursery of superior vines, the voluble vintages of.. Ardour of affection on the apple isle»

Duval Leroy Rose Prestige Premier Cru CONFIRM VINTAGE

Pinot Noir Chardonnay Champagne Vertus France
Founded 1859 when two companies merged their viticultural interests, Duval Leroy are one of the few remaining, exclusively family owned estates, solidly established within the the top tier of Grande Maison du Champagne. Structured, moreishly rich yet elegant and refined, achieving the perfect balance between power and restraint, it draws out flavours of cherry chocolates, raisins and cinnamon, fig and brioche, languidly expressing its effortless grace, on an extended length of melt in the mouth, pink hued vinosity.
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Duval Leroy
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