McWilliams Hanwood Medium Sweet Apera CONFIRM VINTAGE

Palomino Semillon Riverina New South Wales
An immensely satisfying effort, this fine aged Oloroso is a blend of luscious fortified wines across several vintages at an average five years of age. The fortification takes place gradually, by the addition of no more than two per cent of a high quality neutral spirit at any one time, permitting winemakers to arrest vinification at precisely the desired level of sweetness. A delight to sip at any time of day, elegant and long, just a touch spicy, the dance of fruit flavours and Flor notes make Hanwood the perfect chilled aperitif or accompaniement to rich foods.
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Case of 12
The McWilliams family founded the Murray River Valley as a wine growing district. Hanwood Oloroso is one of the region's first ever wines, made to this day from a variety of neutral grape varieties, including Palomino and Semillon, grown exclusively by long term contracted growers across. The sweeter Sherry portion is made by fermenting free run juices with a small percentage of pressings, the drier Flor component is made to traditional Spanish methods, innoculated by a film forming yeast and matured eighteen months in a legacy of well seasoned, very old oak barrels. Alcohol 19.0%
Rich amber colour. Fresh raisin fruit, dried orange peel and aged rancio bouquet. Complexed by sophisticated expressions of smoke and butterscotch, the by products of fortification and patient ageing have contributed marvelous qualities to the wine's distinctive, characteristic nutty rancio expressions. The palate has rich, lingering fruit flavours, a sweet toffee finish.
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