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One of our nation's enduring winemaking dynasties, the Hamiltons planted vines just outside Adelaide in 1837. Great grandson Sydney Hamilton was a legendary and innovative viticulturalist, he ultimately made his own oenological conversion to the sacred Terra Rosa soils of Coonawarra in 1974, establishing one of Australia's most distinguished vineyards on a highly auspicious site, naming the property after forebear Lord Leconfield. An exceptional value for Cabernet of its class, presaged by a vigorously perfumed berry punnet nose, syrup textured, stately and refined, Leconfield makes a compelling.. What the doctor recommends in good red wine»
Legendary Penfold winemaker John Duval began his apprenticeship in 1974 under the tutelage of the late great Max Schubert. Duval's family had been supplying Penfolds with fruit and root stock for generations, many of South Australia's most prestigious vineyards were sown with cuttings from Duval's family property. Duval was awarded International Wine & Spirit Competition Winemaker of Year and twice London International Red Winemaker of Year. He now focuses on releasing painfully limited editions, assembled from precious parcels of elite Barossa vine, hand crafted by one of the world's most accomplished and peer respected winemakers... Ancient barossa hamlet vines»
Hurtle Walker first picked grapes as a ten year old on the celebrious Magill property in 1900. Apprenticed to the legenderies Monsieur Duray and Leon Mazure, Walker was placed in charge of sparkling wine production for the historic Auldana Cellars at the ripe old age of 21. He saw service as a soldier in World War I and made great wine until 1975. Hurtle Walker's grandson continues the family tradition, partnering with Jimmy Watson winner David O'Leary to acquire the most auspicious Clare Valley vineyards and establish one of the nation's leading marques. Between the two, O'Leary and Waker have claimed every prestigious accolade in the land, a breathtaking.. The illustrious pair of valley clare»
Bringing you the fruit of old Barossa vineyards, which have been handed down from generation to generation, crafted in the traditional old world way, by a commune of family growers who have delivered the most memorable vintages since early settlement. The label says Soul Growers but the harvests were historically bottled by the nation's most illustrious brands. Today, these veteran families of Australian viticulture can bring their princely harvests to market under a moniker that defines a tradition of village winemaking and a culture of reverence for the land. Ancient rootstock Grenache and Mourvedre, bespoke clones of Cabernet and Shiraz, prodigal plots of.. Views of venerable old vines»

Sailor Jerry Spiced Caribbean Rum 700ml

Good work aint cheap and cheap work aint good. The father of old school tattooing, Norman Sailor Jerry Collins was a master craftsman whose artistry and integrity remain as timeless as the liquid which bears his signature. Why do they make Sailor Jerry Spiced? Because Caribbean Rum blended with natural spices has always been the spirit of choice for revolutionaries and visionaries, people like Sailor Jerry and people like us.
Available in cartons of six
Case of 6
Sailor Jerry's signature is on the bottle because he believes in the old school values of independence, hard work and unyielding standards of craftsmanship. It all comes down to standing up for what you believe in, and Sailor Jerry believes in making it the authentic way, the way men drank it back in the day. That means it's distilled spiced and smooth. This isn't some kind of pretender spirit, Sailor Jerry Spiced is a genuine taste of the old school
Dark treacle amber. Smooth, spicy notes balanced with vanilla and toffee. Subtle sweet vanilla and caramel, notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and almond. Spiced is a handcrafted classic, crafted to such high standards that you can sip it neat or pour over ice. It also mixes just right in cocktails, just don't go dropping any tiny umbrellas in it.
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