Houghton Sweet Classic Verdelho CONFIRM VINTAGE

Verdelho Swan Frankland Western Australia
Houghton operate many of Western Australia's most bountiful vineyards. Nature however plays the biggest role in creating a late harvest wine with lingering ripe fruit characters, supporting acidity and exquisite balance. This exciting Verdelho wine is creamier and nuttier than most, almost Alsace in character, it exudes a perfumed nose of hazelnut and lychee before a generous palate brimming with ripe and developed, elegantly sweet flavours, followed by a crisp clean finish, making it the ideal accompaniment to consomme, desserts and high tea.
Houghton's diversity of vineyards throughout the length and breadth of Western Australia's viticultural precincts present a rare opportunity for the winemaking team to select the right fruit for each individual style. Late picked grapes make for richer wines. Each contributing mesoclime infuses the berries with unique characters. Verdelho is harvested throughout the cool of night to capture the luscious flavours which evolve late in the season. Fruit is crushed, pressed and chilled before draining. Juices are vinified at cooler temperatures to retain freshness. Following fermentation, the wine is prepared with minimal handling and fining prior to early bottling, retaining all the exuberant late harvest flavours. Alcohol 10.0%
Light straw in colour. Intensely aromatic tropical pineapple, lychee and pear notes with nuances of lemongrass spice. The palate is fresh, sweet and full flavoured, lemon and lime citrus, tropical pineapple and kiwifruit flavours. A finely balanced acidity provides length and freshness. This rich, luscious wine is an absolute delight for those with a sweeter palate, enjoy alonside spicy foods, fruit desserts or ripe cheese.
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