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Shiraz Milawa, vic Victoria
This wine is made from Shiraz grapes grown principally on the Milawa vineyard. Shiraz grapes have been left on the vine to achieve high sugar levels to produce a rich, complex fortified wine. A favourite at Milawa this tawny port comprises blends of the vintages of the 1950s with selected material from the best years since. Divine and unsurpassable, the flavours are many and complex. There is an ambrosic mixture of raisin and sweet liquorice tobaccoey nuances that play on the age of the wine and give subtle sweet complex arrays of dried orchard fruits.
Cellar ageing has brought all the components of this wine together to make a magical whole and like all wood-matured fortified wines, its ageing is complete so it is ready for you to enjoy.
A rich amber-brown colour with an orange-brown tinge at the rim this aged wine displays all the characteristics of the tawny ports of the North East Victoria region. Characteristics that reflect the cellar ageing that has brought together the rich ripe fruit and oak maturation flavours to produce a complex, well-balanced wine of distinction. Port is the traditional after dinner wine, but it can equally be enjoyed with a beautiful plum pudding or similar dishes or a young blue cheese.
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