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Torbreck of Barossa are one of Australia's great export brands, synonymous with luxury and excellence throughout the world of wine. Crafted from the fruit of old and ancient vineyards, the opulence and exclusivity of Torbreck's painfully limited production challenge the primacy of Grange. Established by a share cropper in the 1990s, its precious range has risen to the status of First Growth amongst the community of ardent international advocates. Woodcutter is the entry level, assembled from parcels which may have been destined for some of the brand's lofty icons, an essential experience for all enthusiasts of compelling Barossa Shiraz... Chew a chop of woodcutter's wine»
Airline pilots make surprisingly good wine. Their appreciation of the sciences, a respect for the weather and a bird's eye view of the land, all invaluable to the winemaker's art. John Ellis would take every opportune weekend away from his regular New York Paris route, to pursue a passion for viticulture. He planted the first commercial Cabernet Merlot vines in the Hamptons and found time between trans atlantic flights to work vintages amongst the Grand Cru vineyards of La Bourgogne. Ellis ultimately made the great lifelong sea change in favour of our land downunder. He settled on a farmstead outside Leongatha, amongst the slow ripening pastures of Gippsland and established a vineyard called Bellvale. It is now a place of fully mature vines and old world Burgundian techniques, sur lie et sauvage, barrel ferments and batonnage. Bellvale remains artisanally small batch, just 23 hectares of vine yields a measured harvest of spectacular quality Chardonnay and Pinot.. Placing pinot amongst the pastures»

Circe Hillcrest Road Vineyard Pinot Noir CONFIRM VINTAGE

Pinot Noir Mornington Victoria
Dan Buckle and Aaron Drummond are Mornington born and bred. They work at the illustrious Mt Langi Ghiran but find time to share the husbandry on a precious three acre vineyard on an elevated northeast ridge at Red Hill South. The Messrs Drummond and Buckle take a decidedly Burgundian approach to processing their Pinot Noir, ferments of exclusively whole bunches are foot stomped over the course of a week before filling to small oak casks. Structured and eloquent, pastoral and intense, small batch, superior vineyard Mornington Pinot at its finest.
Available in cases of 6
Case of 6
Vines were established on a chilly slope of deep red basalt volcanic soils along Hillcrest Road in 1993. Closely cropped at a little over one tonne per acre, the property yields a frugal harvest of awesome Pinot Noir. The tight, small bunches, physiological ripeness and immaculate skins are ideal for traditional whole bunch winemaking. The fully stemmed fruit is treated to a course of maceration, as ambient yeasts initiate a week of ferment, followed by several days of boots on pigeage. Batches are pressed into a selection of French oak barriques for completion of malolactic and a year's maturation on full gross lees without any racking, to preserve the integrity and eloquence of a tremendous site.
Purple scarlet red. Fragrant cherry ripe aromas, red apples and rhubarb notes, sasafras and anise spice. A multi layered palate of wild piquant raspberries, red licorice wick and frais de bois, dark anise tannins and sasafras oak in support of the textural, weight of fruit. Structured, dimensional and refined, its lifted finish resolves on a length of mineral and pebble pastoral complexity.
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