Dalwhinnie Mesa Rose CONFIRM VINTAGE

Pinot Noir Pyrenees Victoria
Dalwhinnie established new vines to choice blocks of undeveloped land in the 1990s, just four kilometres down the road from home vineyards on the Moonambel valley floor. The younger Forest Hut blocks were pampered with care until plantings came of age. Now fully mature, these unirrigated, dry farmed and well canopied, vertically shoot positioned vines are yielding harvests of the most exquisite Pinot Noir, for a richly layered Rosé wine of creamy textures, fragrant fruit and crisp tannins.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
A handsomely hued pink wine fashioned from harvests of Pinot Noir grown to the cooler, slower ripening Forest Hut property. The climes are three to four degrees cooler than Dalwhinnie, all year round, so vintage arrives some three weeks later. Vines make the most of the extra time on offer to ripen grapes fully and develop vibrant fruit characters. The winemaking team know that great Pinot Noir can only come from a healthy, well pruned vine which has the proper balance of fruit to foliage for even ripening. Grapes are treated to thirty six hours maceration for optimal uptake of captivating pink hues, followed by a short term of maturation before bottling.
Very attractive pale eye of partridge red/ orange colour. Slightly savoury nose layered with strawberry fruit characters. Juicy with just the right amount of sweet berries and savoury spice flavours on the palate. The perfect accompaniement to salmon steaks or paella, foie gras, baguettes and cheese.
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