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Samuel Smith migrated from Dorset England to Angaston in the colony of South Australia circa 1847, he took up work as a gardener with George Fife Angas, the virtual founder of the colony. In 1849, Smith bought thirty acres and planted vines by moonlight, the first ever vintages of Yalumba. One of his most enduring legacies were some unique clones of Shiraz, which were ultimately sown to the illustrious Mount Edelstone vineyard in 1912. Angas's great grandchild Ron Angas acquired cuttings from the Edelstone site and migrated the precious plantings to his pastures at Hutton Vale. The land remains in family hands, a graze for flocks of some highly fortunate lamb. In between the paddocks, blocks of Sam.. The return of rootstock to garden of eden»
David Wynn introduced cardboard wine casks, flagons and the Airlesflo wine tap to the nation. He is best remembered for re packaging the Coonawarra estate which bears his name and which endures as one of Australia's icon brands. Wynn was a master of his craft and studied oenology at the world renowned Magill wineworks. An astute marketer and talented blender, he also had a keen eye for the land, investing in the ancient John Riddoch fruit colony and planting vines on a challenging site, high atop the lofty latitudes of Valley Eden. Mountadam Vineyards were built from the ground up, with a view to crafting a limited range of well structured, weighty wines, defined by fuller palates and saline, mineral.. The legacy parcels of mountadam vineyards»
Boutique winemaking affords great advantages, every vine can be uniquely husbanded, quality control is maximised, each barrel can be individually sampled and assembled into the perfect cuvee. Engineering types are innately suited to such viticulture. Colin Best embarked upon his sabbatical to the great vineyards of Burgundy's Cote d'Or. He returned to plant Pinot Noir on a craggy half hectare near Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills. An ancient masonry wool mill was outfitted for winemaking and Leabrook Estate was born. This is an aesthetic range of meticulously crafted, limited vintages, fashioned for the aficianado of bespoke, small batch, little vineyard wines... The lobethal libations of leabrook»

Glenfiddich Age Of Discovery 19 Years Bourbon Cask 700ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

Scotch Whisky
Age of Discovery celebrates the dauntless spirit of ancient mariners, a 19 Year Old Glenfiddich Malt, finished in a selection of well seasoned, pre loved South American wine casks. The small but dedicated Glenfiddich team pride themselves in offering a range of the most splendid Single Malts but this is the first time Glenfiddich has used Malbec wine barrels. An extraordinarily rich single Malt of exceptional velvety smoothness, complemented by warm, spicy notes and a lingering, fruit filled finish, Age of Discovery will awaken the senses to a new world of flavour.
Rich gold with a hint of ruby. Toasted marshmallow with red berry and vanilla oak tannin, ripe fruits and a hint of woody spice. Spicy notes on first taste, deep and smooth with a velvety sweetness, rich oak notes and berry sweetness. Sweet with a long, lingering tannin.
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