Hardys Sir James Brut De Brut CONFIRM VINTAGE

Chardonnay Pinot Noir
Sir James Brut de Brut is produced from the classic sparkling wine varietals of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, grown to the cooler ripening climes of the nation's southeast. Traditional winemaking techniques and rich malolactic ferments achieve a balanced, flavourful wine of requisite elegance and stylish complexity. Sir James are the fruit of Hardys enduring heritage, where skill and care are paramount. Fashioned to a drier Sparkling style, Hardys Brut de Brut is an excellent choice to share in good company and to enjoy throughout any meal.
Hardys command a vast expanse of outstanding vineyards to create Australia's most popular and palatable sparkling wines. No corners have been cut in the making of Sir James, indeed the highly accomplished winemaking team, lead by one of Australia's most decorated sparkling wine specialists, have placed the bar as high as possible, employing the most luxuriant Traditionalle techniques, fermentation within own bottlem, riddling and disgorgement. Fruit is sourced from premium vineyards specialized in the production of sparkling wine grapes, to ensure consistency of flavour and quality. Sir James remains one of the most reliable and enduring marques of Sparkling wine in Australia.
Visually appealing, fine effervescence and handsome mousse. Sir James exhibits classic aromatics, warm citrus notes and spice, almond and marzipan, florals and ripe stonefruit. A complex, full flavoured palate, enhanced by a lavish maturation on yeast lees, attractive fresh biscuit flavours, an elegant structure and fine persistent bead before a crisp, dry finish. Ideal aperitif or as an accompaniment to fine foods.
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