Josef Chromy Botrytis Riesling 375ml CONFIRM VINTAGE

Riesling Launceston Tasmania
Botrytis affected Riesling from the Chromy estate vineyard at Relbia in northern Tasmania. The Botrytis infection is carefully monitored and the grapes are picked when the balance between delicate floral and citrus characters and the richer marmalade flavours of Botrytis is optimum. Weather conditions permitting, Chromy's closely husbanded vines yield limited harvests of Noble Rot botrytis Cinerea, drying the grapes as they hang on the vine, concentrating natural sugars, developing the most exciting perfumes and divine flavours.
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Fruit reception begins with a vibrating hopper that gently shakes the grapes into the destemmer, which has a smooth plastic cage in order not to break any berries. Grapes are gently pressed and the juices are vinified at low temperatures to retain varietal character. Fermentation is arrested at a low alcohol level to achieve a fully integrated wine that retains fresh Riesling character.
Deep golden yellow. Delicate floral and citrus, rich orange peel characters of Botrytis. A long crisp palate of sweet honey, preserved lemon and ripe citrus flavours. Varietal Riesling characters are still apparent and meld with Botrytis flavours to create a crisp style of dessert wine with a lingering taste and refreshing finish. Josef Chromy will develop rich palate weight and more honeyed characters. Match with desserts, sorbets or gateaux.
Josef Chromy
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