Stanton Killeen Rutherglen Muscat 500ml CONFIRM VINTAGE

Muscat Rutherglen Victoria
The Muscat a Petit Grains Rouge varietal, oak matured in a system of old large barrels and smaller barrels in the traditional solero system. Some of the original vineyards planted by Jack Stanton in 1921 are still in production and produce some of the district's finest. This delightful offering is in a fresh young style from a passionate crafter of fortifieds, exhibiting the sweet luscious fruit flavours for which Rutherglen Muscat is famous. Blended from 3-5 year material, the wine is vibrant and 'muscaty' with strong raisin like flavours. Perfect with pastry type desserts or after dinner with real coffee, fruit cake, strong cheeses and walnuts.
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Stanton & Killeen's winemaking facilities utilise the traditional method of open vat fermentation, thus maintaining over one hundred years and six generations of winemaking experience, skill and mystery into the production of supreme Rutherglen wine. Chris Killeen's fanatical passion for crafting Rutherglen fortifieds, are evident in this beautifully developing release. Fortified to 17.5%
Colour is a taffetta brown gold with deep brick reddish cloaks. The bouquet is world class, absolutely wonderfully giving out hints of almond, citrus, heavy on the walnuts and bitter fruit. Marmalade and tobacco on the tongue and a clear palate that is uncloying and void of unwanted sugars or excessive complexity. There are highlights of misty drawing room odours, leather, anise and sweet pickles with nuances of cigar smoke and tannin. A delicious honey flavoured Muscat with nuts, citrus and the capacity to lie in waiting.
Stanton Killeen
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