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Heirloom Vineyards were born of love. A romance between an esteemed wine judge and his protege, consumated by a shared passion to preserve the integrity of venerable old vineyards. A deference for the sanctity of the soil and adherence to the timeless procedures of organic viticulture, were an integral part of the vision. Their parching quest, to secure some grand old blocks of vine in the elder precincts of Adelaide Hills, Coonawarra, Barossa and Valley Eden, were followed by years of corrective husbandry, pencil label releases and bespoke vintages. The fostered old vines have now been resurrected, yielding treasured harvests of the most sublime new world wine. Recipients of prestigious Platinum Award & Best Shiraz Trophy Sommelier International, Double Gold China Wine & Spirit, Gold USA and San Francisco International, Adelaide Hills Chardonnay of Year and Best Barossa.. Serenading sleeping vineyards to life»
Tim and Simon and all the Wicks, nurse the rootstock and foster the clones which are in highest demand by the Adelaide Hills most accomplished vignerons. The Wicks are Adelaide Hills born and bred, they called upon an old mate named Tim Knappstein to assist in the establishment of a vineyard and wineworks, set amongst the ancient eucalypts on the scenic slopes of Woodside. Each and every planting was determined according to a viticultural algorithm, based on clonal selections and terroir, aspect, soils and clime. The shrubs reached maturity and the wines that flowed are claiming a conspicuous tally of triumphs at significant national wine shows. Representing salient value for the exquisite quality of vintages, Wicks are an essential choice for adherents of the graceful and stately styles which hail from Adelaide.. The wonderful wines of wicks»

Taittinger Prelude Grands Crus CONFIRM VINTAGE

Chardonnay Pinot Noir Champagne France
A significant emptor of the Côte des Blancs, home to the world's finest Chardonnay vineyards, the noble House of Taitinger is one of Champagne's most ancient and most esteemed. Aged in bottle on sediment lees to infuse distinctive Taittinger opulence, it is eventually topped up with the traditional liqueur doseage to impart the House's distinctive full body and smoothness. An equal assemblage de cepages of Chardonnay to Pinot Noir, Prélude Grands Crus is crafted from fruit grown to the highest classified vineyards in all Champagne.
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