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Constructed during early settlement by a supervisor of colonial convicts, at the very epicentre of the market gardens which serviced Hobart, Clarence House is a heritage listed manor which remains largely unaltered since the 1830s. It passed through several hands before being acquired by the Kilpatricks in 1993, who answered the call of Bacchus and established the grounds to vine. There are now sixteen hectares of viticulture, several significant Burgundy clones of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, with smaller plantings of Sauvignon and Pinot Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet and Tempranillo. What's most unique about the Clarence House vineyards are the soils and topography, a number of northeast slopes which catch the early sun yet shade the vines from afternoon heat. A natural endowment of rich Jurassic soils which impart wonderful mineral characters and textures into the finished wines. Limited yields of immaculate fruit, artisanal winemaking by leading vignerons of the apple isle, a no expense spared approach in the elevage and quality of oak, the wines of Clarence House are a treat for enthusiasts on a quest to procure the elusive vintages of an original Van Diemen's Chateau... Heirlooms of a hobart homestead»

Wild Turkey Masters Keep Limited Edition 750ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

Bourbon American
Made of the healthiest, estate grown grain harvest, the purest Kentucky River water and sacrosanct, heirloom proprietary Sour Mash. Wild Turkey have established a peerless reputation for the very finest American Whiskey. Essential to the process is an extended maturation in a selection of select char American oak and well seasoned, pre loved casks. Nothing but the very finest barrels were consigned to a quiet corner of the rickhouse on Wild Turkey Hill, they have now come of age, to be bottled as an exclusive limited release, the top cut of American Whiskey, surely the best Wild Turkey ever.
Wild Turkey
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