Brown Brothers Cienna 2015 CONFIRM 2015 VINTAGE

Cienna Murray River Victoria
Cienna is an exciting new grape from the CSIRO labs, formulated by crossing the Sumoll grape varietal with Cabernet Sauvignon. Sumoll has its origins in the Catalonia region of Spain and is highly suitable for the type of warm, dry growing conditions found in many of Australia's parched regions. This new grape combines the best attributes of both parents, presenting a new, exciting type of wine for Australia. The delicious and mouth watering Cienna is fabulous with al fresco food or pasta, your favourite pizza, or anything like gorgonzola and pear.
Brown Brothers are renowned for their innovative approach to winemaking and passion for the development of styles that are uniquely Australian. Cienna is made from grapes grown to the estate's Mystic Park vineyard located in the sun drenched Murray River Valley. The hybrid Cienna varietal positively thrives in this environment, yielding highly flavoursome fruit that's made to measure for the fresh supple and easy drinking everyday style Brown Brothers is aiming for. Grapes are harvested at healthy levels of baume, to be briskly vinified without any exposure to oak, expressing fully the unique charm of Cienna. The finished wine is bottled quickly after fermentation to capturing vivacity of fruit. Alcohol 7.5%
Light wine with a vibrant ruby red colour. Aromas of currants and morello, red berries and spice. Fruit sweetness welcomes you to the palate, Ciena is soft and juicy with a refreshing spritzig finish, giving the impression of berries popping in the mouth. A sip of Cienna is like summer in a glass, enjoy fresh and well chilled, the grapey natural acids and toothsome flavours leave the palate revitalised.
Brown Brothers
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