Ambra Limoncello 200ml

Ambra is made with plump, specially grown citrus from the South Australian Riverland. Crafted according to a centuries old formula from the wonderful Amalfi Coast using only the very best ingredients, totally free from preservatives. Owing to its fragrance, fresh taste and moderate alcoholic content it makes the ideal digestivo after a memorable meal. It is traditional to keep Ambra in the freezer and to serve it undiluted in a shot glass. However, it is equally delicious poured over a bed of crushed ice or combined with the mixer of your choice.
Available in cartons of six
Case of 6
Ambra Limoncello owes much of its popularity to the delicious, refreshing taste, to its mild alcoholic content, the total absence of any artificial additive, preservative or colourant. The distinctive cloudiness is your guarantee of Ambra's freshness and adherence to the original formula. The very slight sediment occasionally visible at the top disappears once the bottle is shaken and once again, is your guarantee that only fresh, natural ingredients are used in creation of Ambra Limoncello.
Vivid yellow colour. Tropical citrus bouquets, lemon rind, floral and pith. Textural, mouthfilling palate of fresh citrus flavours, creamy curd and vanilla characters, the vitality of crisp lemon acids. For those with culinary leanings, Ambra is an excellent ingredient in ice cream and cakes, custards and baba, cocktails and granita.
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