Sullivans Cove Fire Drum Tasmanian Malt Vodka 700ml

Single Malt Vodka, assembled from the purest local mountain water and the pick of the apple isle's barley harvest, hand crafted and double distilled through the Sullivans Cove pot Still. Refined from the very same stocks destined for Sullivan Cove's range of internationally awarded Whiskies, gently handled in the timeless way of old world Highland Malt making, Fire Drum Vodka is charcoal filtered for extra smoothness, achieving a full bodied eaux de vie that's at once luxurious, engaging and clean, from initial sip right to the finish.
Crystal clear. Vanilla driven perfumes, floral fruit, soft spices and clove. Soft, creamily textured palate, well structured and balanced, herbal characters, honey and spice, notes of English candy assortments, a hint of pear. A well rounded fruity finish of excellent length, honey hints, milk chocolate and cream.
Sullivans Cove
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