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Sandro Mosele is one of Victoria's most accomplished vignerons, his celebrated editions of Kooyong and Port Phillip estates are amongst the most cherished renderings of Burgundy styled Pinot Noir in the nation. Mosele has applied his art to a precious parcel of fruit, picked off a single, modest block of vine, grown to the fully fertile soils of a lamb and beef stud, on the brisk, maritime blown coastals of Gippsland South. This is not Pinot for profit, Walkerville represents an aesthetic appreciation of fruit from the farmer, invigorated by the blessings of providence and consecrations of local livestock. A cornucopia of comely characters, forcemeats and fennel, pectins and pith, Walkerville make Pinot Noir as it should be, bucolic, pastoral, articulate of the land whence it came. Partisans and purists of bespoke presentations in Pinot, are quietly advised to pool their pesetas and avail themselves of a case or two Walkerville Pinot Noir, a mere few hundred.. The grazier's garden of gippsland»
Jim Barry was a pioneer of the Australian wine industry, the first academically qualified winemaker to take up Clare Valley viticulture in 1949. He had an uncanny intuition for good land and established some of the most illustrious vineyards on the continent. Jim Barry is also a patriarch of the Coonawarra, in pursuit of the perfect terroir for Cabernet Sauvignon, he planted vines on the ancient Penola Cricket Oval, preserving the original pavilion for posterity. Jim Barry endures as one of the nation's most distinguished brands, renowned throughout the world of wine for decades of the most remarkable vintages, an evolving range of superior vineyard editions, defined by their penetrating fruit and seamless tannins, essential for every enthusiast of identifiably Australian, claret style Cabernet.. Salient statements from superior sites»

Irvine Springhill Merlot CONFIRM VINTAGE

Merlot Eden Barossa South Australia
For quite some time, Jim Irvine pondered whether it would be practicable to make a splendid Merlot wine available at an entry pricepoint. It came down to the wine industry press to convince Irvine that the timing was right to release a Merlot which showed what the flagship Irvine estate wines were really all about. Springhill is made from grapes which are ripened longer than usual, accentuating depth of flavour, while adding more fruit. All this brings about the excellent, soft but full bodied texture and mouthfeel, advancing an argument for the hegemony of Merlot.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
Springhill Vineyard has its own terroir, acid soils and mostly gravels, where the fruit can ripen late through cooler autumn temperatures. The good natural rainfall, the high level drainage and the tough growing conditions all come together to give this terroir it's unique personality. Around a backbone of Springhill Merlot, Irvine have assembled parcels from the Eden and Barossa Valleys, to create a wine that's generous with velvet opulence and plum cherry richness. A year's maturation in fine French oak, infuses the palate with warm complexity, while mellowing the wine into a seamless expression of Eden Valley Merlot.
Dark red purple colour. Springhill shows distinctive varietal characters on the nose and big flavours to the palate. Pronounced spice, a level of bay leaf, olives and thyme, wrapped around a core of dark red fruit, plums, turkish delights and chocolate tannins, supported by cocoa vanilla oak and unassuming, passive acid. As a rule, Irvine Merlots are released at least a year older than, the extra time in oak really does work wonders.
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