Talisker Storm Isle of Skye Malt 700ml

Scotch Whisky
Talisker is an island Malt, the only Distillery on Isle of Islay, established 1830, it was made famous by Robert Louis Stevenson who waxed poetic, referring to it as the king o' drinks. Fashioned to a medium peaty character, the pristine waters of Cnoc nan Speireag, impart essential, unique complexities. Talisker Storm is finished to a deeply intense, more evocative style, replete with added smokeyness and grander spice, a veritable storm of flavour that will engage and excite the fine Malt enthusiast.
Golden hues. Powerful, fresh clean nose, growing in complexity like a gathering storm. Sweet maltiness with ripe red berry fruit moves to smoke, brine and an explosion of pepper. Medium bodied, mellow and rich, then very spicy, a pure, tongue coating sweetness joins a nutty smokiness to embrace spicier notes. Drier, lasting, smooth aftertaste, a length of light peaty burnt embers.
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