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Touriga & Tinto Douro Portugal
Quinta da Cavadinha, Quinta do Retiro and Quinta da Telhada have a long history of supplying Warre's. Variation in location and altitude produces a wonderfully balanced wine as it combines grapes from the intense heat of the lower altitude and Douro Superior vineyards with grapes from a much cooler maturity cycle higher up in the Pinhão Valley.
The Warre's winemaking team knew that a small vintage was at hand for growing season 2000 but had not anticipated quite how small it would be at Cavadinha, the lowest yields in living memory. The old mixed plantings, with vine ages of fifty to fifty years, produced an average of only 420 grams per vine. This unprecedented low yield was due to the appalling weather during flowering and without a doubt, contributed to the marvellous concentration of the wines from vintage 2000%
Very dark colour, concentrated inky black. Lovely fresh aromas of violets. Layer and layer of ripe blackberry fruit, intensely rich and full bodied. Sweetness and tannins bind this wine together to form a perfect harmonious structure.
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