De Bortoli Windy Peak Yarra Valley Cabernet Merlot 2013 CONFIRM 2013 VINTAGE

Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Yarra Valley Victoria
Over the years Windy Peak have consistently out performed many pricier labels through sheer quality and value, by virtue of cutting edge viticulture and flair in the art of vinification. Having assembled parcels of the finest Yarra Valley fruit around a backbone of Tarra Warra Merlot and Dixon's Creek Cabernet, the De Bortoli winemaking team have come up with another winner. A plummy red wine with velvetine tannins and clean, polished finish, very easy to sip and savour as aperitif, innately suited to warming comfort food.
Accessing the right vineyards and bringing in the fruit on the most appropriate day of fruit ripeness at vintage time is both an art and a skill. Candidate sites are visited by the winemaking team and earmarked for inclusion before determining the time of picking. Grapes are chosen from the best Yarra Valley vineyards, harvested at ripe levels of baume to achieve a balance of fresh fruit flavours and good structure. Extended maceration and warmer ferments achive a richer, more solid style of wine. Bunches are destemmed and crushed into a mix of static and rotary fermenters for a fortnight's vinification on skins for full extraction of colour and tannin, followed by pressing and racking to barrel for maturation.
Bright crimson with purple hues. Lifted, fragrant blackberry bouquet, plums and bramble fruits on the bouquet accompanied by liquorice and dark chocolate aromas over hints of cedar. A rich, generous palate full of blueberry fruit, supported by fine integrated tannins and subtle oak. Windy Peak a highly approachable Cabernet Merlot wine to accompany braised meats and hearty pasta, always terrific with cheese.
De Bortoli
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