Ballantines 17 Year Old Scotch Whisky 700ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

Scotch Whisky Gift Boxed
One of the world's finest, Ballantine's is the world's No.2 Scotch Whisky. In 1895, Queen Victoria awarded George Ballantine & Son with the Royal Warrant, an ultimate endorsement of the company's prestigious reputation. In 1938, Ballantines received the Grant of Heraldic Arms, being recognized as the highest order of incorporations in Scotland. The crest now appears on every bottle of Ballantine's, featuring the Scottish flag and four essential elements of Whisky.
Malt whisky is a five-stage process, where barley, water and yeast are fermented, then distilled in a pot still to turn the starch in barley to sugar and the sugar to alcohol. The makers of Ballantine's were the first to recognise that maturation in hand crafted Bourbon oak casks gives Whisky a special character
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