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Longview are one of the most highly awarded wineries in Adelaide Hills, inducted into the South Australia Tourism Hall of Fame for their stately homesteads and the sublime excellence of their vintages. A place of pristine viticulture and breathtaking beauty, where native gums flourish with wild abandon amongst the closely husbanded plantings. It's all captured within the fruit of the wines themselves, the purity of varietal expression, the elegance of tannins and seamless textures, Longview are all about encouraging the grace of a truly resplendent harvest, to retain its eloquence from vineyard to bottling... Natives amongst the vines»

All Saints Tawny Port CONFIRM VINTAGE

Shiraz Grenache Mataro Rutherglen Victoria
All Saints store their ageing fortifieds in the Great Hall, an area of a castle built in the 1880s, lined with huge 100-year-old oak casks, filled with rare wines. Some of these fortified wines are up to eighty years old and form the base of the rich fortified All Saints blends. The wines are amongst Australia's and the world's greatest, internationally extolled for their richness and lusciousness. All Saints Estate won the first gold medal for Australian wine in 1873 at the London International Exhibition and continues to win trophies and receive rave reviews today.
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Case of 12
All Saints pride and joy are the oldest vineyard blocks of vines, originally planted just after the First World War. These old-timers are picture-postcard vines, weather-beaten and twisted, defying the years to produce fantastic fruit. Predominantly made from Grenache, Shiraz and Mataro grapes, with added brandy spirit, which is used to fortify the wine, The Keep Tawny expresses the inimitabley rich personality of the deep, rancio-like qualities of Rutherglen grapes. During maturation of any fortified wine a significant amount of wine is lost through evaporation. This loss is normally between two to five per cent each year, and is affectionately referred to as the angels share, now there's something to look forward to! Alcohol 18.0%
Tawny colour, red hues. Mix of ripe berry fruit, rancio characters from extended barrel maturation. On the palate there is ripe fruit giving a generous mouth feel with hints of vanilla and chocolate. Nuances of deep liqueuring, Port and plum-like, chocolatey and wet with sweet scents of browned old grapes and dried sugary fruit. Delicious, nutty and velvety, ripe yet texturally soft, slabs of melty raisined chocolate.
All Saints
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