Four Roses Small Batch Straight Bourbon 700ml

Bourbon American
Assembling a number of Bourbon barrels into a single, superior American Whisky is a daunting achievement of the Master Distillers art. A canon of ancient and original recipes have been called upon to formulate an exclusive limited release Small Batch Bourbon that's greater than the sum of parts. Only Four Roses have the dedication, patience and skill, to distill ten different styles, for the realization of blends which have endured the test of time. Handcrafting always requires more time and resources, but one sip of Four Roses and you’ll agree that's it’s worth the extra effort.
Golden amber hues. Spicy, rich, and mellow nose, fruity characters, hints of sweet oak and caramel notes. Creamy palate, mellow throughout, flavours of ripened red berries, spicy and richly complex, well balanced and moderately sweet. A soft, smooth and pleasantly long finish on a lingering length of toffee, molasses and vanillan oak.
Four Roses
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