Suntory Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin 700ml

A super premium Gin created from a selection of the finest botanical ingredients and treated to a unique distillation process in an ancient fishing village on the Costa Dourada. The first true Mediterranean Gin to employ an extravagant inclusion of the rare Arbequina olive and the choicest selection of traditional garden grown citrus and herbs, basil, rosemary and thyme. A separate handling, macerations and processing of each individual component through a precious Florentine still is followed by a delicate infusion of citrus oils in a selection of unique vats for a year.
From its premium barley base, through to the careful macerations and independent distillations, the special blending of Gin Mare makes it possible for each one of its botanical components to express all of its characteristics. Gin Mare is the achievement of a designer collection of ingredients. All of it's elements are truly Mediterranean, the word Mare is particularly significant, pertaining to the sea, in Catalan it's connotations are maternal. At the same time, it is a reference to Mare Nostrum, the sea of all communities who share a love of culture and gastronomy, imbibement and enlightenment. Distilled with the most luxurious savoury botanical ingredient in the world, the Arbequina olive, Gin Mare really is liquid gold
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