Hendricks Small Batch Scottish Gin 700ml

The days of staid, conformist, and often interchangeable brands of Gin are over. Hendrick is an iconoclastically produced, small batch Gin, distilled at Ayrshire in Scotland. The unusual distillation process combined with some oddly delicious set of infusions yields a one of a kind gin that's passionately loved by a tiny yet growing handful of aspirants all over the world. Hendrick brags that only one out of every thousand Gin enthusiasts prefers its eccentric flavor, no other Gin tastes like it because no other Gin is made like it.
There are four Carter Head Stills around the world. Hendrick's was built in the 19th century and has been restored to its original condition by the company's coppersmiths. Instead of crudely boiling its ingredients, the Carter Head bathes them in vapours. This makes an enormous difference in flavour, the more leisurely the distillation, the smoother and more thorough the instillation. This is especially critical when dealing with the peculiar orchestra of botanicals that makes Hendrick's Gin so extraordinary.
Pristine, clear appearance. Nose of coriander and junipers, citrus peel and rose petal, cucumbers and anjelica. Textural palate of crystalline crispness, coriander and lemon zest complexity over curls of nutmeg and cinnamon. Unorthodox mix of fruit and spice, a harmonious balance of elements which poopoohs the gentler Gins. Its peculiar pleasures are best enjoyed chilled and straight up or on the rocks, lime goes well but don't overlook a traditional garnish of cucumber.
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