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By those wonderful folks who bring us Shaw & Smith. Tolpuddle was planted to vine in 1988, on a highly precious site along Back Tea Tree Road, just outside of Hobart. The inaugural vintage claimed Tasmanian Vineyard of Year in 2006. The illustrious Messrs Martin Shaw and Michael Hill Smith acquired the property in 2011, with a view to elevating the excruciatingly limited release Tolpuddle to the status of a national Grand Cru. A singular experience in new world Pinot Noir, Tolpuddle unravels endless layers of pastoral complexity, powerfully structured yet elegant, immaculate and poised... From little vineyards great wines grow»
Coonawarra cattle graziers since 1906, the Reschke family turned some of their land over to viticulture in the 1980s. Such was the quality of Reschke fruit, that it became an essential inclusion for some of Wynn's most memorable vintages and a number of national icon wines. Reschke now keep the pick of crop for their own label, the most princely harvests of Coonawarra Cabernet, Merlot and Shiraz, characterised by their defined regional eloquence and ingratiating palate weight. The fruit of vines, planted to iron red terra rosa soil and nourished by the fertile plenitude from generations of grazing cattle, for every ardent enthusiast of born and bred, baronnial Coonawarra marques... Reschke red, born & bred»

Jameson Distillers Safe Irish Whiskey 700ml

Irish Whiskey
The Jameson Spirit Safe is a technique which assists the Master Distiller to sample what’s going on inside the active Still, a confirmation of quality at every turn. Achieving a smooth mouthfeel, infused by gentle notes of apricot, cinnamon and melon, combined with the soft buttery sweetness and gentle fruit notes of the finest Grain Whiskey. Barley Sugar sweetness combines with the succulence of grapefruit, notes of mandarin, liquorice and green pepper, a touch of marzipan adding to the wonderful depth of marvelous characters.
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