Penfolds St Henri 1.5L MAGNUM 2008 CONFIRM 2008 VINTAGE

Penfolds St  Henri 1.5L MAGNUM 2008 - Buy
Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Barossa McLaren Langhorne Adelaide South Australia
Penfolds St. Henri is a counterpoint to Grange, being a highly successful, alternative expression of Shiraz that's unfettered by oak. St. Henri continues to deliver fundamentally superior quality wines of great breeding and unmatchable value, a unanimously appealing perfumed style based on fruit definition and seasoned oak. A classy and compelling wine when young, St Henri exhibits the timeless characters of historically classic vintages. Now formative and youthful, it is already completely integrated, with the potential to be a complex, long lived red.
St. Henri is an enigma in modern Australia in that it is a richly flavoured Shiraz that doesn't rely on the support of new oak. St. Henri is matured in large, 1½ to 2½ tonne oak casks that impart almost no wood character. The focal point is about the collation of the finest Shiraz available to Penfolds, vinified to express the qualities of the best fruit. Vintage 2008 is a collation of Shiraz from splendid vineyards in the Barossa and McLaren Vale, Langhorne Creek and Adelaide Hills. Following the inclusion of a 9% component Cabernet Sauvignon, the finished St Henri was matured thirteen months in large oak vats which have served Penfolds for over fifty years. Alcohol 14.5%
Dense purple colour, bright crimson rim. Anticipated praline/ milk chocolate St Henri aromatic markers, replete with fruits, mulberry and boysenberry. Compliments of the vintage, freshly squeezed beetroot/ ginger juice and dried spice, bay leaf and sage. Large old vat matured Shiraz, varietally and convincingly announced by way of a cold lamb/ rosemary/ marrow disposition. Plush, fleshy and mouth filling, showcasing a cleverly woven texture and deceptive palate weight of fruit. Nectarine and blood plums courted by the largesse of big, ripe and round tannins. Maturation precursors already awoken, although yet to ascend/ unfurl, fresh wallet leather, pan scrapings. Long and persistent. Polished.
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