Glenlivet 15 Years Single Cask Morinsh Malt 700ml

Scotch Whisky
At The Glenlivet, when they talk about Whisky, it's clear that age matters. Age is important as most of the flavour comes from ageing in cask. This is why at The Glenlivet, only the very finest oak is used. Selective maturation in new French Limousin oak casks creates a characterful and unique expression of The Glenlivet. The rich, spicy notes of French oak interplay with the fruit and floral notes of The Glenlivet. A delicious Whisky to savour, rich and creamy smooth oakiness, a sweet tooth character resolving on a refreshing nutty style.
Deep gold hues. Creamy and rich, resinous fragrances swirl up before melting into a citrus fruit salad bowl. Orange peel and candied grapefruit aromas. Then, the bouquet opens on buttery notes. Shortbread, almond brandy snaps, vanilla toffee, fudge sauce. A dry spicy echo with a touch of liquorice resonates in the back. Lingering with traces of toasted hazelnuts and lightly smoked almonds.
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