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Mount Difficulty are a commune of growers, established 1998 within the elite dress circle of Central Otago vineyards. Propitiously placed around the ancient goldfields of Cromwell Basin, their harvests had long been called upon for bottling under the labels of New Zealand's most conspicuous brands. Launched as a limited release of small batch, single block vintages, the co operative of accomplished growers, has evolved through critical acclaim and word of mouth, into a formidable range of Central Otago, defined by their excellence and exquisite eloquence of.. Venerable vignerons of the very deep south»
Established 1908, Redman's Coonawarra are still made by the Redman brothers from fruit grown to the original family parcels. The tradition began 1901 when Bill Redman, at the tender age of fourteen, made the journey to take up an apprenticeship at the John Riddoch wineworks and to labour amongst Coonawarra's founding vineyards. Bill Redman's earliest vintages were sold off to other companies but it was not until 1952 that the Redman family released their own wines under the moniker Rouge Homme. Redman was finally branded under its own label in 1966, it remains one of the most enduring marques in Coonawarra. Husbanded by the 4th generation, parcels from the.. The velvet virtue of old coonawarra vines»
An illustrious vineyard winery of great historical import, the Kay Brothers Amery property is planted to sacred vines which can be traced back to cuttings transplanted from the original Hardy site at Tintara. Holding pride of place as one of Mclaren Vale's first commercial vineyards, the winemaking practices at Kay Brothers have remained largely unchanged since establishment in the nineteenth century. An ancient basket press, painted bright red, is still employed to gently crush grapes in the traditional old world way. The exquisite Kay Brothers range remains one of the most sensational values in superior vintages of new world wine, the fruit of distinguished.. The essence & excellence of old mclaren vale vines»
Balgownie are one of our nation's great small vineyards, pioneers of the reprise in Bendigo viticulture, with the foresight to establish vines in 1969, the first local plantings in over eighty years. Grown to terrains very near the tailings of Victoria's original gold rush, the auspicious Balgownie vines yield discreet yet exquisite harvests of the most edifying and undervalued Victorian vintages. A bespoke favourite amongst enthusiasts of the old school style in elegant and finely boned Aussie Shiraz, Balgownie represent the essential accompaniment to meaty eggplant inspired recipes, or a princely roast of lamb, the best of.. Balgownie begets the best of bendigo»

Benedictine DOM 700ml

Benedictine is a magnificent blend of Cognac, botanicals and herb, formulated by Dom Bernardo Vincelli in the sixteenth century and refined by Alexandre Le Grand in the nineteenth. Brewed from a painstaking infusion of thirty bespoke components, angelica and hyssop, juniper and myrrh, saffron and aloe, arnica and cinnamon, the full list is a closely guarded secret. DOM Benedictine is one of the most enduring marques in all France, it has been the first choice amongst bon vivants and discerning luxury enthusiasts for generations.
The fabulous history of Benedictine began during the renaissance, when a Venetian monk at the Abbey of Fécamp, Dom Bernardo Vincelli, formulated an elixir of 27 plants and spices from the four corners of the globe, produced by the Benedictine monks up until the end of the 18th century. In the turmoil of the French Revolution, the recipe was almost lost forever. In 1791, a Fécamp luminary inadvertantly acquired the 16th century manuscript but in his ignorance of the invaluable secret within, he filed it in his library and forgot all about it. In 1863, Alexandre Le Grand, a distant relation of the Fécamp notable, came across the book of spells by chance and unearthed the secret recipe.
Luminous amber hues. Complex nose of citrus and honey, tradewinds and spice, engaging bouquets that enagage and beguile. Powerful yet smooth palate, honey and perfume, peppery lemon, chocolates and herbaceous green elements, exquisite flavour without tannins or acidity, a refined finish, rich, mellow and long sweet aftertaste.
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