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The Heathcote Wineworks were one of the first commercial wineries in central Victoria. Prominently placed along Heathcote's main boulevard, established by Thomas Craven in 1854 to cater for the huge influx of gold miners seeking their fortune. Thomas Craven was a purveyor of spirits and wine, he traded in gold, providing a lifeline to local prospectors. An entrepreneurial type, he also operated a coach service from stables behind the cellar door, despatching supplies and delivering mail around the central Victorian goldfields. The legacy endures within a measured range of small batch Shiraz, crafted to traditional techniques and fashioned for timeless.. The alluring case for craven's place»
Established 1973, Woodlands of Wilyabrup were one of the first vineyards in Margaret River, planted with a view to emulating the great growths of Bordeaux. Recipients of the highly prestigious Jack Mann Memorial Medal and Wine Industry Lifetime Achievement Award for their tremendous vintages of all things Cabernet. Assembling the rich Medoc style blends are what Woodlands do best. Painstakingly crafted by hand, to challenge the primacy of the illustrious Chateaux de la rive gauche, very few vineyards yield the quality of fruit that merits vintaging into a statuesque wine dominated by the prettily fragrant Cabernet Franc. Woodlands were established from the.. The complex bordeaux blend by one of margaret river's founding wineries»
Dr Frederick Kiel would take the trek by paddle steamer from Melbourne every summer during the late 1800s to spend his summers at Sorrento. His children established a grazing station nearby, on a property acquired from the Baillieu family along Portsea Ocean Beach, ultimately planted to vineyards in 2000. These are the most extreme western longitudes of Mornington, the undulating paddocks and sweeping views of tempestuous Bass Strait are a magical place for growing Burgundesque styles of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, well protected north facing parcels of propitious free draining limestone and calcareous sands. The windswept maritime vineyards of little Portsea.. Mornington's westernmost vineyards»
A living legend and bespoke savant of the Australian wine industry, Geoff Merrill began his career in 1973 at Seppelt & Son, before completing tours of duty at Thomas Hardy and Chateau Reynella. Geoff acquired the historic Reynella wineworks in 1985 and has continued to craft many of McLaren Vale's most memorable vintages ever since. Mr Merrill has claimed countless industry accolades and many of our nation's most prestigious awards, including the hotly contested VISY Great Shiraz Challenge and the illustrious Jimmy Watson Trophy. Merrill offers a range of artisanal, limited release wines, of timely age, extravagant oak and sound value... The advanced age & luxury oak of mclaren vale's quiet achiever»

Benedictine DOM 700ml

Benedictine is a magnificent blend of Cognac, botanicals and herb, formulated by Dom Bernardo Vincelli in the sixteenth century and refined by Alexandre Le Grand in the nineteenth. Brewed from a painstaking infusion of thirty bespoke components, angelica and hyssop, juniper and myrrh, saffron and aloe, arnica and cinnamon, the full list is a closely guarded secret. DOM Benedictine is one of the most enduring marques in all France, it has been the first choice amongst bon vivants and discerning luxury enthusiasts for generations.
The fabulous history of Benedictine began during the renaissance, when a Venetian monk at the Abbey of Fécamp, Dom Bernardo Vincelli, formulated an elixir of 27 plants and spices from the four corners of the globe, produced by the Benedictine monks up until the end of the 18th century. In the turmoil of the French Revolution, the recipe was almost lost forever. In 1791, a Fécamp luminary inadvertantly acquired the 16th century manuscript but in his ignorance of the invaluable secret within, he filed it in his library and forgot all about it. In 1863, Alexandre Le Grand, a distant relation of the Fécamp notable, came across the book of spells by chance and unearthed the secret recipe.
Luminous amber hues. Complex nose of citrus and honey, tradewinds and spice, engaging bouquets that enagage and beguile. Powerful yet smooth palate, honey and perfume, peppery lemon, chocolates and herbaceous green elements, exquisite flavour without tannins or acidity, a refined finish, rich, mellow and long sweet aftertaste.
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