Cardhu 18 Years Speyside Malt 700ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

Scotch Whisky
Silky smooth Cardhu comes from a long established distillery that began life as a farm in 1811. Cardhu was one of Speyside's first legal distilleries, it's Malt has been prized as one of the finest and most enduring for almost two centuries. An important component of Johnnie Walker, featuring layer upon layer of luscious flavour, smoky peat, sweet honey and nuts, all smoothly balanced by a delicious, drying freshness. Bottled in it's own elegant decanter, ideally served from a balloon glass, everything about Cardhu speaks of quality and unrivalled enjoyment.
The story of Cardhu centres around the lives of two women, who turned a small farm distillery into a major national export. Helen Cumming made illicit Malt until 1824 when she finally acquired a license. Helen continued to make Whisky and oversee the growing Cardhu enterprise until her passing in 1874. Elizabeth was Helen's daughter in law, she became known as Queen of the Whisky Trade after rebuilding the distillery and increasing capacity, making Cardhu one of the leaders in Malt Whisky production. It was so highly regarded that in 1893 it became the first Malt distillery to be purchased by John Walker & Sons, who to this day consider it to be the spiritual home of Johnnie Walker.
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